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Mr Mark Grützun-Davey
Mr Mark Grützun-Davey

Mark Grützun-Davey* is a Audio and Software Engineer with focus on Safety Requirements and Fenztraq's CEO:

Mark has the great privilege of leading the Geschäftsführer team. With a complimentary background of Music and Broadcasting he brings extensive experience in Safety Critical Systems Engineering for embedded devices (gained in Aeronautics & Avionics, Rail and Robotics) and over 20 years of Systems & Software Engineering in fields as diverse as Broadcasting, Mobile Phone Communications , Automotive (Autonomos Driving) and Yacht Navigation.

Mark is principally Fenztraq’s Requirements Engineer and Software Systems Architect.

Mark holds an MSc in Music Technology from the University of York, UK. His thesis was on the “Digital Simulation of Concert Hall Reverberation using a DSP32C”.


*Mark got married in 2018 and with his wife, changed their names to Grützun-Davey.

Alvin van Raalte is an Embedded Systems Software Engineer:

Alvin has been involved with Safety Related Real Time Embedded Systems for a long time. Development of Trackside Railway Signalling equipment, embedded communication and training simulators have featured heavily, building on engineering experience with British Aerospace, ThornEMI, Ferranti and Westinghouse. In recent times Alvin has been deeply involved in Device Driver development and Embedded File systems for Mobile Phones and Set Top boxes.

His extensive knowledge (particularly in Motors) and immense experience as well as his ideas and the calmness approaching all things Engineering, are a valuable addition to the Fenztraq team.

Alvin holds a BSc(Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
He is Fenztraq's Director of Training and Development.

Mr Alvin van Raalte
Mr Alvin van Raalte
Mr RIchard Sargent
Mr RIchard Sargent

Richard Sargent is a Test Management Specialist with over 20 Years of Experience.

Having worked with World Leading Companies such as O2, BMW, Amadeus, Akamai & many more, he provides an exceptional and eclectic variety of knowledge.

Having a calm approach to verification and validation, and an immensely practical solution oriented mind helps push forward the testing process in often diverse directions not covered in requirements.