We specialise in Safety Critical Systems for Trains. This specifically means both Signalling Systems and (Intelligent) Braking Systems. We have long experience of bringing the Systems Engineering discipline and methodology to the entire lifecycle - from the Ideas to the Software and Electronics.


With experience in Space, Avionics, and Rail, it seems that Transport Systems are a speciality for us. We have brought our expertise to Autonomous Driving Systems, Motorbikes and Driver Assistance systems. As with most things "Fenztraq" this is full life-cycle expertise.


From Concept, System Engineering and Safety Critical Collaborative Systems to Testing and Production, we bring our long experience to new fields of Automation.

We have long experience of Motor Control Systems and this has been brought to bear on new robotic systems and applications. Collaborative Robots in particular have engaged our attention both from Concept, Research and Design to Production Testing issues.


We have long experience in Engine Control Systems (for aeroplanes and helicopters) and Testing Turbines and Loading Systems.

We have been also been involved with research into Aviation Control Systems for Multicore and Multiprocessor concepts. We have also completed research into IMA and other "future" Avionics Design Concepts.

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Communications and RF

As part of our allround engineering consultancy skillset, we have vast experience in the Communications and RF areas. From Mobile Phone Communications and Power Management Software to RF Simulation and PCB Layout skills we have "been there", "done that" and are confident in our knowledge base.

In addition, we have deep knowledge and experience in the demands and physics of RF and can advise and consult on Antennas Design for 3G, 4G and 5G technologies.

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