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The Positioner is the perfect solution for moving your product in 3D space



When you move from Product Design to Prototype, The Positioner can help you all the way


Standards Compliance?

Complying with specifications is an essential part of product development.
Our Positioner can help you tick the boxes

Supply Chain

From Source to Destination

Using The Positioner to validate your suppliers components will strengthen confidence and reduce failure


The Positioner – With 5G in Mind

The FenztraQ Positioner is a multi-dimensional, multi-feature and multi-use product for developing, testing and producing volume products that operate in 3D space. From the first concepts to the final product, The FenztraQ Positioner is the missing piece in moving your ideas to the market.
The FenztraQ Positioner was designed primarily for the complex demands of 5G products but it is completely at home in other areas. If your product is mobile or requires wireless communication, we have the solution for your positioning needs.

All 5G products exist and function in a 3D world and will be operated by anyone and everyone in that physical 3D space. Developing, testing, proving, qualifying, certifying and operating those products in that 3D space is a challenge.

The Positioner from FenztraQ GmbH is the world’s most effective and practical solution to moving your product in 3D space. From the Research and Development (R&D) Lab to 5G Testing to 5G Verification and Production, The Positioner fits conveniently into your process to simplify, automate and revolutionize your approach to delivering your successful 5G Product to a demanding market.

Equally at home on your desk or in a fabrication plant, you can be assured that the functionality and reliability of The Positioner is the same: the performance defined in the R&D Lab is that which is seen on the production line. FenztraQ has invested its expertise in Systems Engineering and RF to focus on what is needed by you for your products and by your products for you.

With a standard command language for Sequences, The Positioner can replicate motion using multiple Positioner Systems to ensure consistent throughput and reliable results. This is essential as the technologies increase in complexity.

The Positioner provides a wide range of “I/O” support allowing for all manner of triggers, guards and checks so that safety regulations, process and sequence conditions and human interaction can all be incorporated. For instance, if the door of your RF Chamber is not closed, The Positioner will not start, or on completion of a Sequence, The Positioner can open the chamber and/or trigger the Analysis sequence and the unloading of the DUT.

FenztraQ believes that the demands of mmWave (Millimetre Wave) Technologies mean testing and verification accuracy must be an order of magnitude greater than current practice in order to minimise the potential errors in measurement. The Positioner has been designed for greater accuracy than required and has the capacity for even higher accuracy meeting your needs now and for the foreseeable future (including 6G and 7G!)

Many technologies depend on RF/mmWave including OTA, Zigbee, WiFi and Bluetooth and there is also optics. Many products depend on transmission or receipt of signals via these technologies and The Positioner can support you in all of them.

The Positioner design is Robotic Pick’n’Place ready. FenztraQ works with its Robotics partners to provide completely integrated automation systems. In this way, performing a range of analyses on a range of products can be managed in such a way to ensure reliably consistent results and minimum error. The Positioner has the interface capacity to allow triggering a robotic reload of AUT, initiate Analysis sequences and custom/user-defined operations.


Your product begins life as a concept and develops into an actual thing. The R&D lifecycle is part of the entire product lifecycle but because it is where the product is defined, it is also where the requirements for testing are created. In R&D evaluation of components for inclusion in designs and the testing of those designs is an iterative and complex task generating vast quantities of data. That task is made considerably easier if the consistency of the test activity was reliable. The Positioner makes that so.

As an example: imagine designing a 5G Antenna. A precise understanding of the response to transmitted signals across a wide range of frequencies is essential to derive the best performance given all potential conditions. The Positioner can rotate and position an antenna extremely accurately to allow the response to stimuli to be analyses and this information is used in many ways to derive the perfect mechanical and electronic design result given the requirements. The Positioner can be used continuously during this process to ensure consistent comparative analysis. Not only that but being able to position in greater accuracy than required for even 300GHz signals, The Positioner will be in use for decades to come.

The Positioner is physically suitable for all 5G Development and 5G Testing scenarios, from a minimum quiet zone of 200mm x 200mm. The Positioner‘s modular design is ideal for specialist applications, where an RF Chamber requires long “tracks” to move an AUT from a loading zone, into and out of the chamber’s quiet zone and back out. The Positioner can even integrate with the Chamber controls to open or close doors as appropriate.

The modular design allows for bespoke systems as easily as standard configurations. Perhaps you wish to test product response at varying distance and/or speed? Perhaps you want to introduce absorption fields (to simulate a human hand or head)? Perhaps you need to use different materials? Perhaps you need non-linear movement?

For the R&D model, The Positioner is delivered with additional physical construction features that include measurement, trigger and signal IO interfaces for ensuring maximal feature utilisation. The Positioner (R&D) is also intended to be completely accessible for desktop functions and therefore has a framework to ensure safety, convenience and performance in such an environment.

We, FenztraQ, are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and are sure we can help.

Compliance Testing and Certification

The Positioner is intended to perform a movement sequence with the highest repeatability and accuracy possible. This is an essential requirement for Compliance or Certification Testing as being able to demonstrate compliance at point of certification and then during subsequent production is a condition for continued certification.

For products where 5G is required, as an example, this is simple: use the same R&D sequence so that compliance preparation can ensure no surprises when the product is formally verified.

Likewise, for a certification process, The Positioner ensures confidence that the full range of motion produces the expected responses before certification. If the certification house uses The Positioner, with a standard sequence, this can be provided to a Test Candidate for pre-test checks. This ensures consistency and many savings of time and resources.

Manufacturing: Supply Chain & Verification

The Positioner brings excellent value to the Manufacturing Process. The raw components of a finished product still need to perform their function standalone as much as part of a system. An antenna must work once manufactured and testing it – especially to a customer specification – is essential. There is also the need to perform initial calibration and that is a Positioner core competence.

For the Manufacturing Model, The Positioner is delivered with the most robust construction features of all the models and a custom wiring loom where measurement, trigger and signal IO interfaces are configured for a secure and permanent installation. This safety feature is specific to a permanent fabrication facility demanding reliable operations and minimising signal interference where there is high demand for reliability and robustness.

For the organisation, the exceptional cost/benefits of The Positioner in manufacturing means a significant increase in throughput and reduced time to delivery to customers.

FenztraQ provides you with the control you need to ensure the delivery of your product. Whatever the conditions.

About the Positioner

Our Product Design

  • Intended for OTA* Applications
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • 1,2,3 or more DOF (Axes)
  • 360° Rotation in Azimuth Plane
  • Error Tolerance (< 0.1mm or 0.1°)
  • Designed for 3G, 4G, 5G and beyond…
  • Designed for Repeatability
  • Designed for Reliability
  • Independent Control System
  • Standalone or IP “Remote” control
  • DUT Carriage supports custom AUT/DUT clamp
  • Bespoke design to suit specific requirements
  • Mechanics and Motors to suit AUT/DUT mass
  • Strong, robust and reliable construction

Our Product Development

  • Made in the EU
  • “Plug-and-Play” installation
  • Fixings and environment package included
  • Commitment to environmentally & sustainable processes
  • Multiple Positioner interface available
  • Minimal operator and maintenance required
  • Free upgrades of Software
  • Renewable 24/7 Customer Support
  • Exclusive Design option
  • Business Model: License Design, or we manufacture & supply
  • Bespoke Software Interface to your Test System

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