Antenna Positioning Systems for 5G Testing Platforms

With the advent of 5G communications, massive MIMO technology will mean device antennas will become integrated together with the RF front-ends, which means traditional conducted measurements are no longer an option. Over-The-Air (OTA) measurements will be needed to test most 5G devices such as base stations or mobile phones in both R&D and production environments. This requires accurate positioning of the AUT (Antenna Under Test) to get repeatable measurements and therefore positioners such as the ones designed by Fenztraq GmbH will be needed.

The Positioner shown in this example is for small UE type devices, however Fenztraq GmbH has the ability to design customer specific models for larger and heavier DUT´s such as mm-wave or sub-6GHz base stations for production or R&D environments. Fenztraq GmbH guarantees high quality, accurate, repeatable & durable customer specific designs for complete range of 5G devices that will meet your requirements.


The BL5G-BB is an AUT (Antenna under Test) positioner specifically designed for OTA (Over-The-Air) production testing of mobile 5G devices. It has two dimensions of movement in the horizontal plane that allow the AUT to be positioned into the measurement or quiet zone of the test antenna and 360° rotational capability allowing alignment between the polarization planes of the AUT and test antenna. All movements are performed with a high degree of absolute accuracy and repeatability permitting mm-wave measurements of amplitude and phase to be carried out with exceptionally low measurement uncertainty. The BL5G-BB is designed to enable precise manipulation of a range of different sized devices from mobilephones and tablets to base stations and any future device that needs to be measured in an OTA environment.


The BL5G-BB is intended for 5G applications in Research and Development, Production or Test Management although the product range is equally suited to the following requirements:

  Production OTA testing
  Testing of mobile phones and tablets
  Testing of automotive Radar modules

The BL5G-BB comes with a dedicated GUI (BL1-BSWTM ) for control, configuration, calibration and maintenance services. In addition, the GUI interfaces to the available Test Management system allowing seamless Test Process Integration. Multiple BL5G-BB can be managed by one installation*. It provides creation and management of BL5G-BB Sequences, Script Interface and operational feedback with a graphical view of activity. Fenztraq will provide all support and services necessary to ensure the smooth introduction of the BL1-BB into the R&D or Production environments.

* optional product feature.

Typical Antenna Measurement Procedure

The AUT, once inserted into the AUT BL5G-BB Griptm, can be carried to the centre of the measurement zone and polarisation alignment performed. The BL5G-BB can be programmed to perform a stop-and-measure sequence depending on which exact radiating elements are to be tested. This method allows the most accurate and repeatable measurements to be performed regardless of where the radiating elements are located on the AUT. The BL5G-BB can trigger external Test Measurement equipment directly or via the GUI configuration panel. The customisation services provided by Fenztraq allow sophisticated integration solutions.

Below we have included the downloadable preliminary Datasheet. This will be updated whenever we have new specs and new information regarding The BL5G-BB Positioner.

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