Make the world a better place through engineering

We are a Research & Development Consultancy focused on "high-tech" products in the field of Avionics, Rail, Robotics and Mobile Communication. We offer services across the entire product life cycle for customers throughout Europe (and the UK)



We have over 100 years of combined experience as consultants and advisors in Embedded Systems Research and Development. With markets as diverse as Railway Signalling, Mobile Phone Protocol Stacks to Battery Management, to Safety Critical Robotics and 40GHz RF Communications, to Jet Engine Control Systems, we can help!

Engineering Design

Our competence in Engineering Design derives from experience and our approach. Commitment to the Complete Product Lifecycle (from Requirements Engineering to Production Test Systems) invests our approach and culture with pragmatic, reasoned and effective decision making skills and technical “know-how”

Customer Support

Our clients and customers are our principal investors and we commit ourselves equally to your project whatever the size. The return is your project delivered to budget and time. We are committed to seeing your ideas converted into reality, and that’s our payback. The result is customer support that is second to none

System Engineering

We focus on Systems Engineering as we recognise that products are more than the sum of their parts. We encourage our prized resources – our people - to engineer your concepts for integration, compatibility and compliance

Avionics Rail Robotics & Communications

Our depth of experience in a range of specialist technical areas means we understand that sometimes the simplest of packages can make the greatest of differences and wherever that might be in the Lifecycle, we can help make that difference a reality.

Safety Critical success in Avionics (Engine Control & IMA) and Space (Arianne 6 Rocket), Rail (Braking & Signal Systems) plus Collaborative Robotics is just one part: Compliance Verification Systems for 5G, Mobile Phone Software.

Safety Critical Engineering

Our approach to Safety Critical and Safety Relevant Engineering encompasses the Requirements, Electronic, Mechanical and Software Domains that underpin that objective. With many years’ experience we can contribute in significant ways to achieving that essential Certification Certificate

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