Why Choose FenztraQ

Why Choose FenztraQ ?

Additionally to our own Products, we want to help you get the right experience from working together with us..

IT and R&D Consultancy

IT and R&D Consultancy

We are here to augment your existing workforce, bringing experience and understanding from our previous roles..

Product Development

When bringing a product to market, we are experienced in navigating the requirements and pitfalls this can bring..

Engineering Service Provider

Connecting you to the experts you need


Why Choose FenztraQ

FenztraQ is an ideal choice for clients who want to realize their corporate requirements but have a lack of internal resources or wish to break new ground without increasing their risk profile.

It is often the case that new ideas or perhaps “necessary but unpopular” developments are necessary where skills and/or resources are unavailable or limited in scope to achieve the objectives in a manageable sequence.

FenztraQ can help as it has a wide range of deeply skilled resources and is able to act quickly and effectively. With those skills comes the confidence born from many many years of experience and exposure to the demands of R&D in high technology fields and the focus on deliverables ensures customer satisfaction.

With vast experience of the whole product life-cycle, FenztraQ understands and shares the concerns of clients that “getting it done” is often “getting .IT. done” and the product is not what was envisioned. FenztraQ treats your projects as their own and dedicates time and resources to it in order to achieve those goals.

With its 3 Directors working full-time in various Projects, a combined expertise of over hundred “person years” of experience across varying industries, we feel we are in an ideal position to assure our future Customers of success that a larger Company would find difficult.

IT and R&D Consultancy

As experts in their own rights, the Directors and staff of the FenztraQ Group of Companies are able to provide, direct to clients, their expertise. In so doing, clients are able to gain the benefits of exceptional experience in a wide and diverse field of skills and FenztraQ is delighted to see clients achieve their goals with our support.

FenztraQ specialises in:

  • Safety Critical Systems Engineering
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Requirements Management
  • Software Development – Embedded Control Systems
  • Software Development – UI Control Systems
  • Electronic Engineering
  • RF Communications Compliance
  • Test Management
  • Test Management – Test Systems Development
  • Test Management – Test Systems Verification
  • Technical Documentation

These specialties have been proven in the following fields:

  • Space & Rocket Technologies (Arianne 6)
  • Avionics (Airbus, MTU)
  • Rail (Knorr Bremse)
  • Robotics (ABB, Franka)
  • Mobile Devices (Intel, Webasto)
  • Communications (Intel, Qualcomm)
  • Automotive (Magna, BMW, etc)
  • Finance (WireCard)
  • RF (Rohde & Schwarz, Huawei)

Product Development

Clients have entrusted FenztraQ with development of complex products as part of an overall R&D and Production strategy. FenztraQ works with clients to clearly define requirements and product specifications and ensures the delivery of the desired product(s).

FenztraQ is able to do this as it has an exceptional network of skilled resources from which it is able to bring to bear. In so doing, is able to meet demand more efficiently and effectively than other potential solutions.

FenztraQ guarantees the client security of IP and Ownership in all aspects of their product and ensures confidentiality in every respect.

Engineering Service Provider

FenztraQ also acts as an Engineering Service Provider to clients who need to connect with skilled resources that might not be available through traditional Service Provider frameworks. As FenztraQ has worked in some very specialised technology domains, it is aware of expert resources that are exceptionally talented and also in very high demand.

FenztraQ offers to its clients only resources who are personally known or recommend from personal contacts and as such can be relied upon to fulfill the requirements of the client.