We currently have opportunities for a range of Engineering, Management and Adminstration support.

Python Developer

Python Developer (Permanent or Work Student)

For both internal and external projects, we are looking for a Python Programmer with some PyQt5 experience, C Programming awareness and embedded systems exposure.

This position demands original thinking, deep awareness of multiple "Operating System Environments and knowledge, plus confidence in self to see a solution from concept through to implementation. Ideally, you will have 2 years or more experience in the following areas;

  • Python Programming
  • Qt5 Design
  • C or C++ Programming
  • UML
  • Willingness to Test
  • Embedded Systems familiarity

Fenztraq is offering an excitingly wide range of responsibilities and opportunities to invent, innovate, develop and manage projects and systems demanding those skills plus excellent training and development activities.

Work Student

We are always looking for someone interested in Technology, IT, Software or Electronics (including developing circuits) to join us and work on some brilliant new ideas. We offer a range of topics that can be done as part of a Masters Thesis or to gain supplementary work experience for a future career.

BSc/MSc Thesis/Theme options.

Business Developer(s) in Technology

We are looking for enthusiastic Business Development people.

We have a range of products, ideas and resources in such diverse Advanced Technology fields as Avionics, Robotics, Rail and Automotive, World and Environmental Regeneration, that need to find potential customers and have the Science validated!
Hourly Rate: Negotiable
Hours: extremely flexible up to fulltime/vollzeit!
Technical: Ability to talk to people, good Physics and/or Maths
Language: German and English
Bonuses available


Please contact Fenztraq for more information or to send us your CV.