Conformance Testing

Being aware of the responsibilities

Conformance Testing

All licensed devices that operate using standard regulation under (for example) 3GPP or ETSI have to conform to certain pre-defined test cases. These test cases are specific to different standards such as GSM or LTE etc & are divided into transmitter, receiver and protocol sub-categories.

Transmitter Test Cases

These may include the following:

  • Maximum Output Power
  • Frequency Error
  • Spectrum Emission Mask
  • Spurious Transmitter Emissions
  • Transmit Intermodulation

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Receiver Test Cases

These may include the following;
Reference Sensitivity Level
Maximum Input Level
In-band Blocking
Spurious Response
Wide-band Intermodulation

Protocol Test Cases

These may include the following

  • Single Antenna Port Performance
  • Transmit Diversity
  • Spatial Multiplexing
  • Reporting under AWGN Conditions
  • Reporting under Fading Conditions

A conformance test system is able to automatically run through all of these test cases to see if a new product can be licensed and approved for the market.