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We currently have openings for a Python test case developer & a work student.

Testcase developer
Our customer a leading robotics producer is expecting a production test system from us. We are looking for a programmer who can interface the test scripts to C functions which control the robot arm and carry out a number of end of line tests.


Successful applicants will have 2 years or more experience in the following areas;

  • Python Programming
  • Qt Design
  • C or C++ Programming

Fenztraq is offering an excitingly wide range of responsibilities and opportunities to invent, innovate, develop and manage projects and systems demanding those skills plus excellent training and development activities.


Work Student

We are looking for someone interested in technology, IT, writing software or developing circuits. We offer a range of topics that can be done as part of a Masters Thesis or to gain supplementary work experience for a future career

Business Developer(s) in Technology wanted
based in Munich Laim, we are looking for someone with an interest in business development

Market: Advanced Technology fields including Avionics, Robotics, Rail and Automotive
Hourly Rate: Negotiable
Hours: flexible up to 20 per week
Language: German and English
Bonus for early completion
MSc Thesis/Theme option



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